Fieldsheer Nanomax

Jacket front view
Jacket back view

I picked this jacket up at a BMW dealer in the state back in March as my then current pair, one textile and one mesh, were worn out. It’s a mesh jacket (the black areas are the mesh) which comes with two liners, one waterproof and one insulated, and can be nested.

Both liners zip into the torso area with a single zipper that starts at the bottom on one side, comes around the neck, and ends at the same point on the other. The rain liner zips at and outside of the cuffs, such that when not in place the unused zipper at the cuff won’t contact my skin, while the insulated liner attaches in the arm with two snap-secured loops that engage elastic loops in either the jacket or the rain liner. The loops and snaps are color coded, light or dark gray, to help avoid getting the sleeve of the insulated liner twisted.


The cuff of the jacket has hook-and-loop straps for cinching and it has snaps with elastic leads on the arms if you have loose fit there (I don’t have that issue.)

Overall I like it and this has taken me back to having a single jacket, even as a year-round rider. I can’t speak to how the rain liner works in the rain as I use a rain suit over this in those conditions. However, with the rain and insulated liner in place I have been comfortable without additional layers to temperatures in the mid 30F range (say 1-2C.)

While the ability to use the insulated liner without the rain liner is a nice idea it’s not a configuration that I find useful. The insulated liner is far from wind-proof so what it offers without the wind-blocking of the rain liner is limited to a range of a just a few degrees. The rain liner does offer a secondary front zipper helping to seal out the wind.

The reflective surfaces across the upper back and on the front of the arms are nice. Unfortunately, with long hair the back one gets some wear.

The biggest negative, and the only one that would keep me from buying this again, is that after 6 months and 6-10k miles of riding the main zipper pull broke. The zipper slider is of the style with a brake included which is released by the pull so moving it without the pull is challenging. My improvised pull is functional but not so well as the original.