What I packed.

Photos and descriptions of what I packed on the St. Louis and Blue Ridge mountains trip.

Worn items: boots, jacket, chaps, helmet, hair glove, wallet, cash, ring, necklace, flashlight, Leatherman. There’s also an extra pair of ROK straps here. The SPOT unit is attached to the jacket.

Tank bag: medication, lip balm, kindle, extra hair ties, sun glasses, USB batterie, cables, headset, change

Duffle bag: top to bottom and left to right
rear group:sleeping bag, flannel sheet, tent, small tarp (ground sheet for the vestibule,) bug spray, pillow
middle group: inflatable sleeping pad (orange-red,) camp chair (blue bag,) green inflation sack, towels, flip flops and camp table (black bag)
front group: dry bags, kitchen supplies, camp stove accessories and lighter, toilet paper, dryer sheets, detergent pods, eating utensils and containers, shampoo and conditioner, various bags

tail bag: unlined leather gloves, rain gear, dry food, camp stove and gas cylinder, first aid kit, chain maintenance supplies.

right-hand saddlebag (liner shown) : extra tie-down straps, extension cord, power strip, headlamp, USB battery, tire gauge, hex keys, tire inflator and plugger kit, hand lotion, kick stand pucks, medication, libations, dish soap, toiletries

left-hand saddlebag: changes of clothes