Gear review: Fenix HM50R headlamp

In 100 words or less: not the cheapest option but a good one. Solid construction and a good drop rating make this one a reliable choice.

This is basically a LD50R minus some features (red LED, strobe, magnetic end cap and pocket clip) with a headband. It has a built-in charger for the 16340 700mAH battery.Mine came with a spare silicone holder, extra 16340 battery, and a plastic case for holding several of the batteries.While the missing features of the LD15R are a negative for baby I suspect for a lot of us the bulk of them would never be used.The headband is adjustable and comfortable, with just enough grip material to keep it in place without becoming uncomfortable.The headband holder is silicone and insertion and removal works better if you twist it slightly, and the holder is offset to one side with the head to the deeper one. It makes a servicable small pocket flashlight as well.Operation is a long press to turn it on and off. Short presses switch intensity when on and when off give battery status via a multicolor LED under the translucent button.