No more Ms Ninja

Got word from the shop today; it’s going to cost too much to repair the Ninja 1000 so it’s off to the scrap yard. The BMW R1100R is heading to the shop on Tuesday to get back on the road after being parked for 3 years.

I’m sad about this because the Ninja was the best bike I ever had. However, this is life, and motorcycling has a lower place of priority in my life now – I have a family who is more important now.

Of course, I hope motorcycling isn’t over for me, but if it is there are things I’ve done over the last 20 years and the memories of it will always be there. I’ve ridden over 300,000 miles (almost 500,000 km) of which over 20,000 miles (over 32,000 km) on multi-state, multi-week road trips, including camping. Of that 8,000 miles (nearly 13,000 km) was on a 26 day trip from the east to the west coast of the US and back on a 750cc Kawasaki. There are so many memories, people met, etc., that I never would have had otherwise.

It’s already been one hell of a ride.