I’m back

Life got really busy for me after October. I started a new job with an IT contracting and outsourcing firm and a week later I was full-time on a customer, replacing someone who was rolling off of it in two weeks.

The job is an IT operations and in case you’re not familiar with it it’s starting jobs in that field frequently is getting thrown in at the deep end. The nature of the work is such that it’s really hard to have a smooth, easy ramp up on it. This actually informef a lot of what I did when I was in a team lead position.

Additionally, I have moved. I’m still in the Houston metro region, and in generally the same side of town, but I’m about 20 miles from where I used to be. Obviously though this has really taken a great deal of time for my life and things like getting blog posts out where the thing that had to be put off.