At first we were strangers, then we were lovers, and now we’re strangers again.

Due to off-topic banter among some coworkers who joined a conference call early I realized: it’s right about 4 years since the last time my first wife and I talked.

In May of 2017 she decided we were going no-contact because she would not agree to abide by the same rules she demanded I follow for contact.

As I thought about it I realized it’s been a long time, at least a year, since I thought about any of the calendar dates that used to be important – her birthday, the anniversaries of our first date and our wedding.

It’s a good thing that this is the case. It’s healing and moving on with my life, leaving that chapter firmly in the past. But at the same time it feels weird that for 20+ years this person was a daily part of my life and now is a stranger who I most likely (and hopefully) will never see again.