Scrapple (random bits & pieces)

Friday was the one year anniversary of my second marriage, at least as we observe it. I don’t know if I posted about this: we had wanted to get married in a small ceremony in conjunction with a weekly event that It was a major part of our life from our third date until everything had to start closing down last year: The H Town Kings drag show at Pearl Bar, Houston’s lesbian bar. With that off the table, though, and me having a job offer and needing to get her on insurance We decided to take advantage of the fact that our state is one that still has common law and, we are married. The date was picked as the midpoint between our birthdays and exists for formal reasons.

Tonight we finished another old show we’ve been watching: Chuck. The show aired from 2007 to 2012 and I missed it back then because that was one of the darkest times of my life – A job that was demanding I do 90 hour weeks and my first attempt to divorce. I really enjoyed it, particularly a lot of the music they licensed for it some of which surprised me, like Oasis “Don’t Look Back in Anger.” Something I’ve been enjoying across shows I’ve watched is noticing when various Star Trek alumni are in other shows. Two from Voyager, Robert Picardo and Ethan Phillips forecast for guest spots in this show, and Robert Duncan McNeill directed at least one of those episodes. Picardo also showed up in Lucifer.

We have some better watching options now. My wife decided we needed to improve that after we moved into the house we’re currently renting and took advantage of deals to get a 65-in display. Our anniversary gift ourselves was a ARC soundbar. I immediately got a fantastic demonstration of it because an episode of Chuck that we watched after installing it used the song The DeeKompressors “Rock The House” which was also used a few episodes earlier. The difference was amazing.

Work has been keeping me very busy. It’s shifting a bit with the major upgrade and long plan projects beginning to ebb but a lot more general user projects now. I’m still enjoying it.

I’ve scheduled my first real vacation since starting this job for a month from now. My wife and I will be camping for a week in West Texas. I’ll take my DSLR but I probably won’t have any way to process the photos so expect those later.

I was out in that part of the state 7 years ago, on a North Carolina to California and back motorcycle road trip with my first wife. 2016 days and 8,000 mi. I briefly went to the region where we will be staying and I look forward to being back out there as it’s a part of the country I would like to explore further.

I’ve made the decision to hang up my riding gear for the foreseeable future. Seeing that Ninja busted up and going on to the record that last time just broke my heart. I think it was one of those moments where I needed to either get back on the horse right then or accept that it was done and for many reasons getting another bike at that point did not make sense. I’m not saying I’ll never ride again, in fact I hope I will someday, but for now my riding days are done.

I’m tearing up while writing that. Riding meant a lot to me and brought so much to my life. But, as they say, don’t cry because the rides are over, smile because the rides happened. With 20 years, approximately 300,000 mi, 30 US states And more places visited and friends made then I could possibly count It was one HELL of a ride!