Gear review

Two this time. Camp Chef Everest 2X and Mountain Summit Heavy Duty Roll Top Table.

Both when making breakfast today.

The stove is a standard two burner camp stove that accepts the 1 pound disposable propane bottles, though is designed to use 20 pound bottles with an adapter hose (the manual even covers it.) Operation is simple, though the igniter is a rotary style instead of the more traditional push button. Also, when new, the valves had been seriously tightened closed requiring more force than I was really comfortable using to open the first time. I could do for the knobs to have a cross vain but the rubber ring does provide good grip. The handle is a stamped punch out in the bottom, below the igniter, which left behind a tongue that is rolled over; comfortable if not the easiest to grasp when it’s laying down.

I’m a bit split on the table. It’s is relatively light weight for the size but it’s a bit lacking in stability. The sides can bow a bit. The slat top does latch with a pair of pins in each end and locates in a rivet head at the center, but it’s a bit weak for me taste. Lightly tensioning a ROK strap on the diagonal braces helps greatly (the excess is the strap hanging down in the center.) Note that the diagonal braces have a flattened spot near the legs that is to allow clearance when folding. Also the slides on the legs are clearly a reused part from another model, having a galley for a latching mechanism that is not used on this table. What I love is that it’s pretty rigid and gives a heat safe surface.