My work start date was to be in late September but was pushed back. That meant my wife and I could get a honeymoon in. The destination was a KOA in East Texas. It turned out to be nicely laid-out; like most such campgrounds the emphasis is RVs but the tent area is separated from that and has far less clear-cutting and pavement. What follows is photos of the camping trip we had.

In our car on the road to our campsite.
Our campsite.
My wife cooking dinner one night.
Overhead view midday.
I brought my Jetboil MiniMo along for making coffee, etc. It’s hard to beat for speed and simplicity when boiling water.
Tent lighting. It’s a string of RGB LEDs that run off 3 AA batteries and has a remote.
Of course we did smores.
Finally, a selfie I took while my wife slept in and I was waiting for my coffee to brew.