Dyke Media Reads: Losing the Signal

2015’s Losing the Signal: The Untold Story Behind the Extraordinary Rise and Spectacular Fall of BlackBerry is more-or-less what it says on the tin.

I began reading this book months ago and had various diversions. It’s not badly written, it’s more that the authors made a choice about how to present the narrative that I find harder to follow: chronology was a pretty distant second to years-long narratives of interactions with given individuals, mostly various managers. As such there are multiple points where you finish a paragraph in a given year an the next starts from a point several years earlier.

Though the book is very much about Research In Motion/Blackberry the focus is on the company’s founders, including little after their January 2012 resignation as co-CEOs and virtually nothing after both had resigned from the company board of directors.

I still suggest it as it’s a great example of why having the technically superior product is not enough and executive hubris causing failure to understand that they no longer dictated the market (particularly with a fumble on 4G.)