Nashville, TN

After getting on the road Angela told me that she had a song stuck in her mind. I asked what and she sang a verse of “She’ll Be Coming Round The Mountain.” I began laughing because I was thinking of that song yesterday.

Later, we needed a break and, with no rest areas in sight, we stopped at a gas station in Crab Orchard, TN. As we turned onto the exit ramp I said, “watch, there will be signs for the next rest area over that rise” which was most of a mile past the exit. While stopped I looked up the next rest area and discovered that I was right: the next rest area was two miles away.

We had dinner with friends in downtown Nashville tonight and have stopped for the night west of the city.

We saw two rather spectacular accident scenes, both involving cars and mud – an SUV sideways in the median, and a Bug against the guardrail.

Sights – a rest area on I-40 that serves both directions (and it was not in the median.)