Like bugs on a faceshield…

…so are the days of our lives.

Awesome moment of the day: having stopped for a respite in Forrest City, AR, just parked and removing our gear, a young couple with two girls, likely under age five, we’re walking past. The younger of the two exclaimed, “I didn’t know girls rode motorcycles!” And now she does!

Today was from Nashville, Tennessee, to Clarksville, Arkansas, a trip of about 450 miles. We stopped for lunch in Memphis and planned to do dinner at the River Market in Little Rock, but didn’t realize that they were holding RiverFest. After several strikeouts in the Little Rock area and noticing some ominous clouds to the southwest we decided to push on to our destination and do whatever food we could find in town.

After that and checking in, I took the R1100R and the trailer to a nearby store to get some supplies. I noticed a strange feedback from the trailer on my way. When I got there I checked and found that the hitch ball was loose. I did pack tools, including a ratchet and socket the right size, so I was able to repair the problem on the spot. I also noticed a problem with the safety chains as attached, which I will correct before we get underway in the morning.

I didn’t recognize the model, but it sounded great.


This occasioned the remark in the title of this post.