I've been pretty sick off and on since late October so haven't done a lot. The spate of gear review posts were all done one day that I had energy. Mostly my riding has been necessary stuff like to the grocery store. Here's to more rides in 2020!

More hard riding.

From southern Illinois to the North Carolina mountains means Nashville and Knoxville, Tennessee, and today that was hot riding. 430 miles with Tail of the Dragon and a bunch of miles of NC 28 at the end of it with the ethereal scenes below. I have a campsite next to a babbling brook, though.

Day two, and the end of the first leg.

A peaceful morning arrived. I hadn't slept well; probably need something better than that bed pad, plus there was distant but loud noise, possibly port operations or a pipeline manufacturer nearby. I left my boots in the tent vestibule. Good thing I remembered to shake them out first this morning: one had a frog. My … Continue reading Day two, and the end of the first leg.