Austin to Fort Stockton

Thursday, after checking out, we visited The Country Weaver and had lunch at Magnolia Grille South (as the sign says, “Sorry, we’re open.”) The kind women at the yarn shop gave us the suggestion to visit The Tinsmith’s Wife in Comfort, which was not far off our planned route to Fort Stockton.

We decided to take a more scenic route, taking the major highway out for a little ways but then getting onto some two-lane roads out through Blanco to Comfort. In the course of this I found what was possibly the silliest place names: Second Coffee Hollow and First Coffee Hollow (in the order we came to them.) They’re respective valleys in Hill Country.

While Angela browsed the selection at The Tinsmith’s Wife I visited a neighboring antiques store, Blackbird Antiques. The woman who runs it has three pugs who are in residence (behind her desk/office space are three child beds for them to lay upon, etc.) and explained the history to me. The yarn shop used to occupy that building before moving to the much larger one next door, and that building was previously a tinsmith’s shop.

We later went to a pottery shop across the street where Angela bought a beautiful yarn bowl and I oggled some Mesquite furniture that was massive.

That done and lunch consumed, we got on the road to Fort Stockton. This was all I-10 and, a few miles west of Comfort, at the Kerr County Line (if I recall) the speed limit increased to 80MPH. We were in the oil fields of the Chihuahuan Desert.