La Grange and Austin

On Wednesday we left Houston and headed for Austin, going by way of La Grange (yes, the one from the ZZ Top song.) We made a rest stop there at a little coffee shop across from the courthouse (quite delightful; if you’re ever in the area check out Latte on the Square.)

I encountered an curious problem with my camera when I tried to take some photos right after parking in La Grange: it could not focus at infinity. Looking up information on the Nikon D200 and 18-200mm lens I discovered some other people had a problem with the front element’s retaining ring loosening. I checked and found mine had backed off by several turns; the rig performed fine after tightening that.

The courthouse in La Grange reminds me of the county courthouse in Scranton, Pennsylvania. The style is different in a lot of ways, but there are many similarities.

We made it to Austin as evening began. Angela was starting to feel poorly so went to bed while I went to the other side of town to visit with a friend. And it was delightful to finally get to meet her! We’ve known each other online for around 15 years and kept missing each other on various occasions since then.

When I returned to the hotel we had dinner at the attached (but independent) restaurant, which was surprisingly good, and had a cover band in who was likewise, if a bit too loud.