Carlsbad to Farmington

We departed Carlsbad midday and headed to Farmington. I believe we stopped for lunch before leaving Carlsbad and did dinner in Albuquerque.

There isn’t a lot to note on this day as it was a “cover miles” sort of trip. The significant event in the early part of the ride was Angela suffering heat stress, which I remedied by applying a washcloth soaked in cold water to the back of her neck, then, after soaking it again, having her put it under her t-shirt while riding.

When leaving Albuquerque, the sun set when we were a few miles outside of town. This meant a lot of time riding in the high desert at night. Layers against cold were a must as the temperature drops rapidly.

Overall, it was a very hard day of riding, and difficult for Angela not just because of the heat but also because air conditions along the route were not agreeable to her. Somewhere around crossing the Continental Divide near Cuba, New Mexico, we were remarking to each other about how clear the skies were and how bright the stars seemed when we saw the most brilliant shooting star we have ever observed. It wasn’t particularly bright, just that we’ve never been somewhere with so little light pollution.