The Bay Area

After arriving in San Carlos, the plan was to meet friends the next day. However, Angela was not feeling much better, so the first thing became going to an urgent care clinic. She received a diagnosis and was easily treated, and is now (a day later) well on the mend.

We went over the hill to Half Moon Bay to visit with a long time friend whom I first met online on Delphi Forums. Then it was back to San Carolos to visit with several friends there, and, finally, to SF to visit two friends for dinner at Stinking Rose (which is garlic.) My friend had warned me that parking was atrocious there. Fortunately, we were on motorcycles and I had unhitched the trailer from the BMW. There were a group of 5 motorcycle only spaces half a block from the restaurant, and only two were in use at the time.

It was a wonderful, long, and exhausting day.