Winnemucca to San Carlos

I don’t think there’s a lot to say about this ride; it was grueling as we needed to cover ground.

We had breakfast at the hotel then got on the road. Lunch was in Reno and dinner was around Sacramento.

The temperature changes between the two, coming through Donner Pass on I-80, were impressive.

The only thing of note was an equipment issue. After 12 years in place and undisturbed, the two bolts came out of the right-hand passenger peg mount on the ZR-7s. I noticed this at a Nevada rest area (such as it was – just a tiny shed with a pair of composting toilets.) On the ZR-7s, the right-hand passenger foot peg mounting frame also supports the muffler, to which it was still attached. Angela suggested using the bolts from the left side passenger peg, which got it secured.

While at that rest area we met two women who were on a similar cross-country trip – heading to San Francisco and coming from Brevard, North Carolina. It’s truly a small world.