It’s been an exhausting few days…

We had an extra day in California as I was too tired to cover much ground. There are worse places to have to stop than South Lake Tahoe.


The next day we made Elko, Nevada.

After Elko was Rock Springs, Wyoming. There’s not a lot to say about that part, but it was pretty. The only point of interest was riding out to the Bonneville Speedway. See the photo below; other than an old, shot-up sign (likely stainless steel) that BLM installed at the end of the paved road, there is nothing out there.


Then Denver, plus dinner with some friends whom I’ve known online for fifteen years.

Our plan for the next day was Salina, Kansas, but we were only able to make Hays. Angela wasn’t complaining since there was a yarn shop in town.

Today we made it to Kansas City, Kansas, to have dinner with some new friends.