Kansas City and St Louis

We rode down to breakfast with a couple who are friends of a friend. They’re also relatively new motorcycle riders and great people.

Then it was on the road to St Louis and dinner with a friend there. She took us to a fantastic little restaurant called Small Batch, which does whiskey and organic fare. The company, drinks, and meals were all fantastic, and I was sorry the night had to end.


Due to a lack of available rooms in the usual hotels we ended up at The Cheshire, which is a most interesting place – the rooms are named for authors.


We were in the Arthur C. Clarke room, which does not contain a monolith but does have a copy of “2001 A Space Odyssey.” Behind the front desk is the old hotel mail slots. They’re used still to hold complimentary bookmarks for the respective rooms bearing the author and title.

I loved the do not disturb/maid service requested doortag; one side is shown below while the other read “please tidy up the royal quarters.”