Gear: Stanley Adventure Full Kitchen Base Camp Cook Set

My advice: if 5.6 pounds is not too heavy buy it for the pots, bowls and plates, but get something else for the utensils.

A 3.7 liter pot, frying pan that nests inside, lid for both, four plates, four bowls, four sporks, a spatula, serving spoon, cutting board, trivet, and drying rack.

I’m not a fan of the utensils and the cutting board; this pairs well with the GSI Destination Kitchen 24. The serving spoon and spatula have hard to clean plastic buckles to attach the handles.

The pot and frying pan have the aluminum substrate which spreads heat well. Plates slot into the drying stand.

It’s possible to fit the Sea To Summit X-Mug and X-Brew in this, and probably more if one removes the utensils.