About headlamps

I have two headlamps at this point. The first I bought was a cheap, apparently generic one while then I got a Fenix model for my wife to use. Bottom line: buy cheap and you’ll end up buying twice.

This model can be had for about $25 on Amazon and seems to be a generic produced one. Three power settings (center only, outer two, and all three) plus a strobe setting.

Light distribution is not all that good. It’s bright but heavily center-weighted. All pretty much focus about the same place, though.

it uses a single control button, at the rear-top of the center lamp, that strictly cycles through all modes and off; you can’t bypass strobe. It uses to 18650 cells, inserted the same direction. Charging is from an AC adapter or USB via barrel connector.

Fenix HM50R. It comes as show plus a second silicone holder for the flashlight. Runs on one 16340 rechargeable battery and has a microUSB connection for charging. There’s a single button on the lamp end; a long press turns the light on and off while a short press switches the output level (4) while on and while off turns on an LED under the button that indicates the charge level.

I’m convinced this is a slightly re-worked LD15R, removing the magnetic tail-cap, pocket clip, and red/signal/SOS modes. Otherwise it’s data is very similar. It’s easily slipped out of the holder and is a serviceable pocket flashlight. I regularly use it when I need some light in the bedroom and don’t wish to wake my wife. It can be had for about $60 and comes with a second 16340 battery.

Despite the far higher output and the larger charge capacity of the cheaper one, the HM50R is more comfortable and far more usable. I’ll likely replace the cheap one with a second HM50R. For me it makes a great companion to my PD36R.