Dyke Media Watch: Snapshots (2018)

Three generations of women have a lake house vacation during which the past and present demand to be examined. I struggle to write a sufficient summary of this because it’s firmly in the “I was not emotionally prepared for that” file while being an absolutely fantastic film.

This one hits a lot of points about my life and relationship history, especially with the daughter’s relationship situation and both the daughter and grandmother having felt that they had to hide their sexuality. I was absolutely blown away to find out that it was based on a true story – the final action scene of Rose at the lake and Laurie walking out of the early 1960s and onto that dock, is effectively what happened to the writer’s mother a few days before she died and which to telling the story to the writer.

I think my favorite line is this:
Allison: “I’m not ready to be a mother.”
Patti: “Oh, sweetie, you’d be such a wonderful mother…but, in the end, you’re the one who has to live with whatever you decide.”