Dyke Media Watch: When the Party Ends (2014 short)

A young gay man flies home for a weekend to reconnect with old friends as he deals with being betrayed that may have serious consequences for him.

Anthony flies back to Sarasota and stops in the gay bar to meet Evan, his ex-boyfriend, and runs into DiDi, plus their friends and Evan’s boyfriend. DiDi is happy he is back but Evan is miffed that he would reappear like that after vanishing for 3 years.

In a semi-private bathroom scene, Anthony tells Evan that his boyfriend in NYC cheated on him and recently tested positive for HIV, and now Anthony is awaiting his own test result. While there are a few other sub-plots, such as Evan’s new boyfriend misreading why Evan went off to talk privately with Anthony.

It ends with Evan and Anthony sitting on a curb, waiting for a cab for Anthony, and discussing the realities and future of living with HIV as Stephen is HIV+ – effectively that it isn’t the death sentence it once was.

It’s a good short which reminds me why I, as a gay woman who is polyamorous and has had multiple partners, am careful to be safe and openly talk about both the protection steps I take and being regularly tested for STI.